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Spend smarter with a fleet and fuel card built for your business

Coast is a modern fuel card and expense management solution built for your field service business. Simple, secure, and instant, Coast helps you stay on top of your fleet’s expenses — set the rules that work for your business, and we'll handle the rest.
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A simple card and smart platform for field service businesses

Control and track spending with all the tools you need to manage expenses for your fleet. Set limits, issue cards, and authorize payments in a few clicks.
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Wide acceptance

Use Coast at any gas station or truck stop where Visa is accepted.

Coast security

Customizable controls

Set spend policies by driver, department, or vehicle and get real-time exception alerts.

Coast virtual cards

Real-time visibility into spend

See how every dollar is spent. Monitor spending trends in seconds. Get alerts instantly for risky transactions.

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Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
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Coast Testimonial: Texas Solar Outfitters

How HVAC champion Gillette fuels their fleet with Coast

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What our customers are saying

I had an employee come in who had a card stolen. Within two minutes, I had turned off the old card, assigned them a new card, and they had already gotten a text that the new card was active. The product speaks for itself.
Katelyn M.Manager
Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
With our old card, it hurt every time we had to interact with the portal. We didn’t run any reports since it took so long. With Coast, I can get the reporting I need in about 15 seconds.
Bob W.President
After seven years, [our previous fuel card company] still wanted to charge us a high risk fee, and they weren’t budging on it. Switching to Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month.
Christian S.CAM Energy
Coast Testimonial: Cam Energy