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Fuel and fleet cards

One card for fuel and all your field expenses

Stop wasteful spending with multiple cards you can’t control. With Coast, get fuel card controls on all your employees’ expenses in a single Visa card, from fuel to vehicle expenses and hardware.
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Use anywhere Visa is accepted
1% cashback outside gas stations*
Lock cards to fuel only

Join thousands of fleets making the switch to Coast

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Everything you expect from a fleet card, and more…


Accepted anywhere

Use for fuel and fleet expenses anywhere that accepts Visa.


1% cashback on fleet and field expenses

And 2¢ off per gallon at gas stations.*


No personal guarantee

Applying to Coast won’t affect your credit score either.

Precise card controls

Stop overspending. Get control over all your employee expenses.

Make sure your employees only spend what’s needed for their job, by switching spend categories on and off for each card and setting dedicated spend limits, down to the type of expense. More peace of mind for you, more convenience for them.

Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
"I had an employee come in who had a card stolen. Within two minutes, I had turned off the old card, assigned them a new card, and they had already gotten a text that the new card was active. The product speaks for itself."

Katelyn Machen

HR Manager, Gillette Air Conditioning

Coast Testimonial: Texas Solar Outfitters
"The Coast portal is very intuitive. You can put vehicles in. You can put personnel in. You can put limitations on those accounts, and it's easy to come back in and make changes."

Stewart Masterson

President, Texas Solar Outfitters

Coast Testimonial: Cam Energy
"After seven years, [our previous fuel card company] still wanted to charge us a high risk fee, and they weren’t budging on it. Switching to Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month."

Christian S.

Manager, CAM Energy

Coast Testimonial: Tristate Plumbing
"We now have timely data about who's filling up with gas, how frequently they're filling up with gas, and we're able to have controls in place so that we don't have to find out retroactively that we're overspending on gas."

Will Breslaw

COO, Tristate Plumbing

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Paperless receipts

Stop chasing your team down for receipts

Stop chasing your employees for receipts. Collect receipts and memos in seconds, directly from their phone, and review your expenses in just a fraction of the time.

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Reporting and visibility

Complete visibility into your team spending, all in one place

Using multiple card programs and finding it difficult to get visibility into your expenses? Monitor all your employee expenses from a single platform, with real-time transaction data and intuitive charts.

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