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Control & Security

Control everything you spend

Coast helps you set the rules and spend less. Block transactions, flag them for review, and get alerted instantly. Enable fuel-only purchases or allow your drivers to spend on other fleet expenses such as parking, maintenance or car wash.

Set the rules and manage smarter

Whether you manage a home services or trucking fleet, it’s important to take full control. Coast’s dashboard lets you set spend limits, issue cards, and authorize payments in minutes.

Set limits and rules

Issue cards

Authorize payments

Authorize payments in seconds

Forget reimbursements for work-related expenses. Set spend limits and approve purchases in seconds on your dashboard.

Coast Pay

Boost security for your business

Coast lets you track everything, so you can see where and when your vehicles are being used. You’ll also get alerts about suspicious transactions, and can lock a card in one click.

visa fuel card

A card for the whole team

Quickly assign rules for vehicles and drivers. Coast will then apply those rules on any card that’s used to make a purchase.

security alerts

Stop abuse and fraud - fast

We’ll alert you of risky transactions so you can set rules and stop fraud before it can impact your business.