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Coast Pay's Visa Fleet And Fuel Card

Fuel, fleet, and employee expenses all on one card

Make fuel theft and overspending a thing of the past with smart fleet cards that can be locked to fuel-only or enabled for different expenses as needed.

Visa acceptance
No personal guarantee
Rebates and cashback
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Fleet And Fuel Expense Management

The most flexible card ever

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5-star customer service

US-based, personalized support when you need it.


Easy to use

Easy to roll out. Easy for drivers. Easy for managers.


Assign new cards in seconds

Never wait for a replacement card again with interchangeable, reassignable cards.

Customizable controls

Stop abuse and fraud, fast

Set your own rules, and say goodbye to the days of wasteful spending. Your spending limits reflect how you want your business to run, and give you control over how each employee can spend on the job.

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Add vehicle and driver rules
Set limits per day and time
Fuel tank and GPS-based controls

Use anywhere Visa is accepted

That means you can fuel up at the least expensive, most convenient station, enable your crew to make urgent on-the-job purchases and even use it for your supplies and software expenses. Coast® is flexible to work the way that you do.

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Real-time visibility

Monitor your team’s expenses and never miss a beat

You’ll always be able to see the who, what, where, and when of each purchase with real-time transaction alerts. That way, you can identify areas to save along the way.

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One card for all your expenses

Whether you need a fuel-only card or want to expand how your employees can spend on the job, your Coast card flexes to what you need for your business.



Fuel anywhere Visa is accepted with best-in-class controls and reporting.

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2¢ back per gallon on your statement*


Fleet & field

Keep your fleet running, by streamlining your vehicle and employee expenses.

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1% cashback outside gas stations*

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Business expenses

Boost productivity in the office. Get complete control and visibility for all your business expenses.

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1% cashback outside gas stations*

You’ll save more with Coast – money and time.

average savings on your fuel bill

when switching from another payment method

average savings on your fuel bill

when switching from another fuel card

of admin work saved

monthly on average

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Where do these numbers come from?
Coast Customer: Gillette Airconditioning
"I had an employee come in who had a card stolen. Within two minutes, I had turned off the old card, assigned them a new card, and they had already gotten a text that the new card was active. The product speaks for itself."

Katelyn Machen

HR Manager, Gillette Air Conditioning

Coast Testimonial: Texas Solar Outfitters
"The Coast portal is very intuitive. You can put vehicles in. You can put personnel in. You can put limitations on those accounts, and it's easy to come back in and make changes."

Stewart Masterson

President, Texas Solar Outfitters

Coast Testimonial: Cam Energy
"After seven years, [our previous fuel card company] still wanted to charge us a high risk fee, and they weren’t budging on it. Switching to Coast saved us $1600 dollars a month."

Christian S.

Manager, CAM Energy

Coast Testimonial: Tristate Plumbing
"We now have timely data about who's filling up with gas, how frequently they're filling up with gas, and we're able to have controls in place so that we don't have to find out retroactively that we're overspending on gas."

Will Breslaw

COO, Tristate Plumbing

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The card your entire team will love using

Owners and executives

Set the rules that work for your business and watch your fleet and business spend decrease.


Monitor and manage your fuel and fleet expenses to supercharge your fleet’s efficiency.

Finance and accounting

Consolidate spend on one platform, and close your books faster.

Office managers

Assign cards instantly, get alerts when transactions are out of policy and monitor spend in real time.

Drivers and team members

Forget about expense reports and reimbursements, with a single card accepted anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the benefits of a fuel card?

    The benefits of fleet and fuel cards have expanded over the years. With a 21st century fleet card, you can:

    • Pay for fuel
    • Monitor charges wherever your drivers are
    • Approve expenses in real time
    • Control spending for individual vehicles or the entire fleet
    • Avoid having to use cash, checks, or personal credit cards
    • Add a layer of security to your spending

    While some fuel cards can only be used at certain gas stations, the Coast card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. For business owners and fleet managers, that means more efficient operations.

  • How is a fuel card different from a general corporate card?

    A fuel card allows businesses to:

    • Enable their drivers to make purchases without having to use cash, checks, or a personal credit card
    • Control purchasing by driver and limit transactions by frequency, amount, or day
    • See purchase details for transactions with line-item details, like the grade of fuel and number of gallons
    • Monitor, manage, and control costs associated with the vehicles in the fleet
  • What is a fuel management program?

    A fuel management program is a system of dos, don’ts, and processes that help your business reduce the cost and consumption of vehicle fuel — whether it’s gasoline, diesel, electric, or something else entirely.

    A strong fuel management program, like Coast, equips managers to control the way their fleet buys fuel, reduce misuse in the process, and provide robust reporting to connect every transaction to vehicle, driver, and MPG.

  • How can a fuel card program improve overall fleet management?

    Fleet management is the process you use to coordinate, administer, and direct the vehicles, operators, and support staff that make the day-to-day operation of your business possible. 

    But fleet management is more than telematics —it also includes fleet expense management. In fact, tracking and controlling spending is one of the most important parts of the fleet management equation.

    When you use a fuel card program to monitor expenses, you can learn what steps to take to better manage your fleet, cut costs, and improve productivity.  

  • How does Coast's fleet card program compare to other fleet card programs?

    Coast offers a sophisticated expense management platform and the Coast Visa fleet and fuel card, providing richer controls and reporting than many other fleet card programs.

    In addition, Coast is accepted anywhere that accepts Visa, so your drivers don’t have to go out of their way to purchase fuel.

    Our pricing is fair and transparent , we don’t require a personal guarantee from business owners, and we’re constantly building solutions to help improve your fleet operations.